“Totem : America”, plastic and wire mesh, Height 24’, was on display at the DeCordova Museum (Lincoln, MA), and Sculpture Park from 1993 to 2002.

“Mr. Simun’s piece in the DeCordova Sculpture Park is a strong example of his work. This sculpture, a 24-foot tall tower of cast-off plastic products, is a carefully configured and constructed back-handed paean to American culture. Colorful, engaging, and accessible, it is among the most popular of the 50+ works currently on view in Sculpture Park.”

Nicolas J. Capasso, Curator of Decordova Museum and Sculpture Park, 1995

“Konstantin Simun uses the most mundane castoffs of an industrial society – including plastic milk jugs – to make faces that betray a wide range of emotions, but there is pathos on two levels here as well: in the expressions of faces and gestures and in the recycling of what amounts to a zillionth of a consumer society’s endless waste.”

The Boston Globe, June 29, 1998